Go Genuine! Here's Why!

Posted on September 27 2018

Go Genuine! Here's Why!

when getting a device repaired, a lot of people opt in for copy screens instead of the original genuine ones. at the time it may feel like the better deal, after all it is the cheaper option and there really isn't much difference right? unfortunately for the accident prone or the people who want to get the best quality experience while using their mobile that's not the case. and here's why:

what is wrong with copy screens?

nothing is wrong with opting for copy screens if you'd rather save a little money, but in the long run you could be finding yourself in the same situation as before as they are not made from quality components. This means they are a lot more likely to crack and break from drops and pressure when comparing it to genuine screens.

Copy screens are just made to work, and they do, but at a cost. The screen quality isn't as crisp as you would normally expect. They have decreased brightness and the colors are no way near as vibrant as when you first bought the device. So as it may seem you are saving money at first, it is definitely worth  spending just a few pounds more to get an original screen fitted onto your device.

So in conclusion, here is what your getting with a genuine screen replacement.

  • stronger glass
  • highest quality components
  • highest quality screen available
  • the most responsive touch experience
  • high refresh rate
  • vibrant colors
  • crisp images
  • uses less battery
  • made for the device

Its a no brainier really ... go genuine!

if you would like to know about our repairs and to see prices on genuine screens and everything else iphone, check out our repairs page here : https://thefonemart.co.uk/collections/repairs/iPhone



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