5 weird mobile phones you never knew existed

Posted on January 11 2019

5 weird mobile phones you never knew existed

The mobile phone market has always been incredibly fickle and in the past phone companies were still trying to figure out what worked and what didn't in terms of design and functionality. this lead to quirky and sometimes more interesting designs entering the market. here are a list of the most interesting and weirdest phones we have come across here at Fonemart.

NOKIA 7280

In 2004 Nokia gave us this phone as more of a fashion statement to women. Dubbed the "lipstick phone" the Nokia 7280 was made to resemble an everyday piece of make up.throwing away the modern day keyboard and replacing it with a spinning dial like you would find on the classic iPod, Nokia was able to make this as compact as possible, appealing to fashion conscious women on the go. definitely a head turner


with its round exterior and compact shape, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was an every day 00's mp3 player and you wouldn't be entirely wrong. this mobile functions as a music player and USB storage device as well as being able to make text and calls. its the circular display and dial pad that make this phone awkward to use. this and the fact it came out around the same time as the iPhone 4s its safe to say it it didn't do to well in its day.


The zanco s pen is made to resemble ... a pen. its the most recent phone on the list and at the time of writing this article you are still able to back it on kick starter. this phone is made so you can leave your big, bulky, touchscreen phone at home and replace it with something a bit less distracting from the outside world. the keys are aligned in twos going down the side of the pen just below a tiny screen which is placed towards the top. this phone is also equip with a voice changer, a laser pointer, and a dual camera, so you're not sacrificing those last minute snaps. as well as all of this, the icing on top of the cake is the fact that you can use the end of the device nas a sylus for your smart phone as well. a definate head turner.


This phone is obviously a novelty, but its definitely quirky. who needs a phone disguised as pack of cigarettes? James Bond? who knows but it definitely deserves a place on this list. although it may not be the most prettiest of phones it does everything you expect a mobile to do. it features a 1.6 inch screen, Bluetooth and also doubles as an MP3/MP4 player. as an added bonus for you smokers out there it also has a compartment to hold some of your cigs.

NOKIA 7700

I'm getting real Luke Skywalker helmet vibes from this one! this is the Nokia 7700. it was announced in 2003 to be the first multimedia smart phone. the 7700 was set to have a camera, Bluetooth, web browser, radio and a full touch screen. but unfortunately it never went into production and we are unsure why ...


Thank you for checking out our take on the weirdest phones that ever existed. if you have seen any unusual phones you would like us to mention in our next "weird phone" article, let us know on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thefonemart/


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